Donate to BonaResponds

Joining us as a volunteer is by far the best contribution you can make to BonaResponds. We would love to have you join us on projects! But, we know that's not always possible, and there are other ways to help too.

Among our biggest expenses, gas and food typically top the list. We go through about $70 of gas per week (more on trips!) and another $30-40 on food (again, more on trips!). On a major trip like Alabama, BonaResponds will set up a work camp, where volunteers have a place to sleep, shower, and eat, as well as line up work, tools, and other logistics so that work crews can, well, get to WORK! :-)

If you would like to donate online to BonaResponds, click here. After entering the amount you would like to contribute, select "Other" in the drop down box marked Designation and then type in "BonaResponds." Thanks so much!!

To mail a donation:
Box BY
St. Bonaventure NY 14778

Did you know? You can make a donation in someone's name to BonaResponds. This may make the perfect gift for someone who "has everything" or may be a special way to honor someone. If your donation is to be made in someone's name, click the link below and we'll provide you with a special card you can give that acknowledges the donation.

Click here for a donation card.